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I’ve been putting off writing this one. I stink at “doing it now”. I could have a deal for thousands on the table, but I’ll still do 20 pointless things first. Not sure why that is, perhaps how the stars were aligned when I escaped the womb.

I’m still married, for example. The paperwork looks easy enough, I just can’t be bothered to fill it in. Unless it’s required for some specific reason who knows when I’ll get around to it. I’ve been seperated for 3 years… she’ll probably do the papers before I do them. I should get it over with, although I don’t intend marrying again, unless some kind of wonderful happens.

I put off the good things as well as the bad. Why are we like that?  I swear I’ll look back and think I wasted chunks of my life in limbo. Weird, but life is more relaxed how I play it and I love it that way. I’m not one who has lists and “goals”, the very idea of that seems forced and work-like to me.

I do get things done, but I’m very much a “last minute on the bus” kind of guy. Even when I was writing scripts… I’d have 6 months and do the whole thing in 2 weeks.

Another scorcher today… off on the boat through the Gulf Islands later… that place really is a little piece of heaven. Funny, I’m never late for boats, or late for anything in fact, procrastination doesn’t include timeliness. I’m always first everywhere. Tonight we’ll be with her folks, payback for mine staying with us for one whole month. her peeps are a nice enough couple and they live in a heavenly spot, but I fear it might be a long night without excessive alcohol. I’ll take along my Stalin biography, it’s a real page turner, that fella certainly didn’t procrastinate for a second, bless his cotton socks.    


Another hot one, dude.

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What a scorcher here today. My brain is a little fried and the air really does have the feel of Do The Right Thing about it. 

Something that came to mind while chatting with a regular contributor is the parlance of the day. It’s the “Valley Girl” thing, Hilton Slang, speaking with the voice of every gay character in Sex and the City. It’s brash, unattractive, intensely repetitive (repeating “like” every sentence, sometimes several times in the same sentence) and annoying – particularly when performed with a question mark after, like? every? like? word? and stuff?.

Similarly there is a growing male voice with a limited vocabulary… speaking in SMS Message lingo and referring to each other as “man” “dude” and “bro”. It’s not just an American thing either. Our British cousins, particularly in shitty neighbourhoods around London… are suffering from an untold abuse of the English language. “Chavs” as they are known, are currently fuelling concern among scientists that in fact the missing link was there all along, hidden between a Ford Escort (with mods, of course) and the number 32 bus in darkest Essex.

One wonders what Frasier would make of all this. The sillification and annihilation of the English language would surely turn his golden locks blue, but then his surname is Grammer, dude.